Veronica M Shares Her Go-To Outfit and Advice for Fashion Entrepreneurs

“Veronica M” has become synonymous with eclectic prints, flowy silhouettes, and easy-to-wear closet staples—but Veronica M is more than just a clothing brand. The real Veronica M is Veronica Monroy-Ferrer, the brand’s founder and the woman whose style inspires the bright prints and bold colors you know (and love). Veronica is a bona-fide expert in the fashion space (she’s been designing for over 20 years and People StyleWatch once called her jumpsuits are the most flattering, perfect jumpsuits ever), so we asked her to share some of her industry knowledge and current inspirations. Read on to discover how she how she built her fashion empire, her advice for female entrepreneurs in the industry, and the power outfit she swears by to boost her confidence. Can you tell us a little bit about what sparked your interest in fashion? Why did you decide to become a designer? Veronica: At a very early age I would spend my weekends fabric shopping with my mom who was a seamstress. I wanted to create amazing fashion looks and make them affordable for the everyday woman. What’s the most challenging thing about being an entrepreneur? The most rewarding? Veronica: Running a business! Yet at the same time, the most rewarding part is owning your own business. What’s the best business advice you’ve ever received? Veronica: My mom once told me, “Do not be afraid to grow.” What advice do you have for any female entrepreneurs just getting started in fashion? Veronica: Follow your instinct and don't worry about what others are doing. There is room for you, too! What is your inspiration for Fall/Winter 2018? Veronica: Mixing casual with dressy pieces. What is your personal favorite piece in the current collection, and how do you style it? Veronica: I love wearing our wrap maxi dresses with high boots. It gives a Stevie Nicks vibe. You’ve created a line that is equal parts easy-to-wear and fashion-forward–why is this mix important to you as a designer? Veronica: I love pieces that are multi-functional. We are not always at parties, us ladies have to work! I believe that work pieces can be edgy, fun, yet practical all at the same time. What’s your “power outfit”–your go-to look to feel good on a big day? Veronica: I believe that every day has the opportunity to be a great day, and that the right outfit can really set the tone. A great blouse, comfortable jeans, and heels! What’s the best style advice you’ve ever received? Veronica: The best advice style advice that I have received was from Mrs. Chang, the owner of Forever 21. I was told that I have an eye for prints. Can you tell us one surprising thing your followers might not know about you? Veronica: I get butterflies in my stomach when I have to speak in public! To get Veronica’s casual-meets-dressy style, try pairing the Veronica M Ireland Cold Shoulder Top with a pair of jeans and a chic (but comfy) set of heels. Or get a little wild with our Snake Print OTS Top; and of course, no Veronica M collection is complete without one of her perfect jumpsuits, like the Strapless Snake Print Jumpsuit. Do you have any questions for Veronica? Let us know in the comments!
Cold Shoulder Top
Snake Print OTS Top

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