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“Growing up I was not confident at all! I learned that fashion gave me the confidence to be whoever I wanted to be! I find myself dressing with intention and expression and I specifically pick pieces to match my mood. If I feel more laid back one day – a casual look it is. I never just throw anything on, because I find that when I look my best I feel my best! I design women’s clothing to be first super cute (of course!!) and then I imagine where she could wear the pieces. Work? Play? Vacation? All! And most importantly I keep a woman’s body in mind and try to make each piece as comfortable and flattering as possible. Who doesn’t want that?” 


Everything is so functional and work to life friendly. I can’t say enough good things about Veronica M. I am so grateful to you all, because I don’t have to step foot in a store and can spend more time focusing on my career and family.

Heidi, loyal VERONICA M online customer

I wore a few of your items away at holiday and got lots of compliments and where it came from! A kimono sleeve jumpsuit was perfect for a Cuban evening by the sea and the kimono dress you did a while back was perfect for a day cover-up at the beach and into the night. Short enough that I felt like I fit in with locals who wore things short! … Thanks for making the best travel clothing ever and clothing in general!

Ivan, loyal Veronica M customer

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