How to Keep Your Workwear Fun

Work and fun are polar opposites — the thesaurus literally lists them as antonyms. But there is a way to keep your workwear fun, and it all comes down to showing off your personal style at the office. As long as your body is appropriately covered (i.e., no mini skirts or plunging necklines), HR won’t mind if you let loose just a little bit. Perhaps the most challenging thing about keeping your work wardrobe from feeling like, well, work, is time. Most of us rush through getting dressed in the morning in order to make it out the door by 8:30am (or some of us change outfits approximately 17 times before deciding on the first option we tried on… guilty). Regardless of your reasons, most women can’t spare any extra morning minutes for putting together a creative outfit — which is why we compiled a foolproof guide to mixing and matching fun workwear options for you. Consult this list in the morning, and you’ll never fall victim to a blah office outfit again. Shakira Surplice Blouse + Black Slacks Swap out your go-to button down blouse for the Veronica M Shakira Surplice Blouse. Its paisley print is bold, but since it’s executed in a muted color palette — black, dusty rose, maroon — the effect is just the right amount eye-catching for the office. While this top would look amazing with jeans on the weekend, it’s better suited to a pair of plain black slacks on weekdays. The result? A polished, professional ensemble that makes Mondays more bearable. Cleo Halter with Pleats + Blazer We know, we know… leopard print for the office? Yup. Leopard has become a modern neutral, and it totally works for work if you do it the right way. We suggest layering the Cleo Halter with Pleats under your go-to black or brown suit for just a hint of print. Tucked into tailored trousers and topped with a blazer, a little peek of leopard print says, “I’m fierce” — which is always an admirable quality, whether you’re in a cubicle or having cocktails. Kerry Shift Dress + Tights + Heels Talk about an easy outfit. With just one piece — the Kerry Shift Dress — you’ll be gunning for the corner office. It ticks all the right boxes: It has a modest neckline, long sleeves, an appropriate hem length, and a professional print. But the best part? POCKETS. Style the dress simply, with black stocks and pumps, for a no-fail look that’s effortless enough to throw on and go on those particularly hectic mornings. Black Culotte Pants with Tie + White Button Down This one’s a no-brainer — to keep your workwear fun, trade in your usual trousers for a pair with a little more style, like our Black Culotte Pants with Tie. They’re every bit as professional, but they add a little oomph to a traditional office outfit. Bonus points for styling them with edgy ankle boots. Holiday Sparkle Blazer + Suit Don’t dull your shine for your 9-to-5. Add some subtle sparkle to your look by grabbing this Holiday Sparkle Blazer to wear with your favorite black or grey suit. So long as the rest of your outfit is low-key (think: tailored pants, solid silk top), this glittering blazer will feel positively professional. Even better? It transitions easily to after-hours. Would you wear any of these looks to work? Let us know your favorite combo in the comments!

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