Heat Wave Proof Outfits

There is only one way to survive a heat wave, and it basically comes down to two words: mini dress. When the temperatures start climbing into the high 90’s, I know it’s time to break out the mini dresses that are ‘barely there.’ And I don’t mean tiny dresses that are scantily clad, I mean mini dresses that are so comfortable and lightweight that you forget you put it on in the first place. Veronica M planned ahead and has the perfect heat wave proof outfits ready just for you. Trust me, this weekend when it hits 99, you’ll be thanking us! The Olive Tank Dress is the perfect thing to throw on in a heat wave. The simple camisole straps and stretch jersey fabric are an essential combination for a long day on the go in the heat. This dress is humidity proof and will help you look your best even if you feel like you could melt. The ruffle overlay gives this simple outfit a subtle accent of detail and allows you to throw it on without needing any other accessories. Remember, when it comes to heat, the simpler the better! Looking for something a little dresser? No problem! Veronica M just released a drop waist dress perfect for making a statement while keeping you cool and sweat free. The Costa Rica Drop Waist Dress is full of small details that make a big impact. The dress comes with a criss-cross tie at the bust that adds a subtle sexiness. The smocked waistband will hug your hips and is slimming and flattering, no matter what! I love this option because a simple change in shoes can change the whole look. Throw on flip flops or sandals and wear it out during the day, or add your favorite mules and you’ll be ready for a night out. Plus, we love this dress because it is an office-appropriate look that will carry you all the way through the night. (Because, let’s be real, when the temperature starts climbing the last thing you want to do is carry around an extra outfit in your bag for after-hours excursions!) The Sienna Drop Waist Dress comes in the same classic design and is just what you’re looking for if you like a splash of color. The magenta and pink detail and design add an ultra-fem feel to the mini dress and the lightweight fabric will keep your temperature under control. This quintessential summer look is breathable and comfortable and will go perfectly with your favorite petite gold earrings or bracelets. Want to really make a statement? Rock the Sienna Drop Waist Dress with Veronica M’s Gold Hoop Earrings and a bright red lip! No matter which look you like best, Veronica M’s newly released collection of mini dresses are sure to keep you cool and ventilated in the summer heat. These no-fuss looks require minimal effort and are cute, versatile, and 100% heat wave proof! How are you beating the summer heat? Tell us in the comments and tag us on Instagram!

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