Earrings That Add Glam to Any Outfit

There are plenty of ways to upgrade a basic outfit: You can throw a blazer over your usual jeans-and-a-tee to give the combo an office update, trade in your Chucks for a sleek pair of heels, or simply opt for a swipe of bold lipstick to brighten up your look. But there’s an easier, more affordable, and totally foolproof method for adding a touch of glam to literally any outfit — and that’s by rocking a great pair of earrings. Earrings are without a doubt the accessory du jour, and for good reason. Necklaces can interrupt the neckline of a top or dress, and bracelets and cocktail rings are notoriously hard to type with (AKA, not advisable for laptop time)... but earrings always work. Bonus: Adorning your ears with jewelry brings attention to your face, brightens up your complexion, and puts a reflective sparkle in your eyes! Ahead, four styles of earrings to glam up your next outfit, whether you’re heading to work or a fabulous holiday party. Gold Hoops Gold hoops should be considered a modern wardrobe staple — name another fashion item that looks at home on both Meghan Markle and J.Lo. When it comes to finding the perfect gold hoops for you, consider both the size and the width. Smaller, thinner hoops, like our Classic Hoops Earrings, are ideal for daytime events or even work; while the thick Oversize Hoop Earrings in Gold or 80’s Gold Hoop Earrings are more appropriate for a night out. Fringe There’s no better way to add a bohemian vibe to your outfit than with a pair of fringed earrings. Colorful tassels feel fun, laid-back, and effortlessly glamorous when paired with denim cutoffs or an elegant maxi dress. A subtle amount of fringe, as seen on our Marigold Earrings, can work with workwear — but bolder options, like the Burgundy Beaded Hoops, Morocco Tassel Earrings, and Teal Green Bali Earrings, are all about the weekend. It should be noted that although fringed earrings will stand out no matter what, they look best when worn with an updo like a messy top knot or a sleek low bun — all the better to let them shine, of course! Geometric Shapes The most modern way to wear statement earrings? In unexpected, geometric shapes like circles, triangles, and even hexagons. If your style leans towards softer shapes, check out our Mirage Statement Earrings (a mix of circular and oval hoops) and Black Beaded Drop Earrings (a trio of round, beaded drops). Or, the carved wooden Wood Circle-Drop Earrings feel natural and organic. But if you’re a fan of sharp lines, opt for something a little more out-of-the box with the Silver Geometric Hoop Earrings (a chic take on hexagonal shapes) or the trapezoidal Palm Springs Earrings. Tortoise Tortoise is the material of the moment. The mottled black and brown pattern is executed in a lightweight resin, meaning that tortoise earrings make a big statement — without pulling on your earlobes. Our Tortoise Hoop Earrings are classic enough to go with anything, while the funky shape of the Toggled Tortoise Earrings feel fresh. Tortoise can even be colorful: Our Red Tortoise Circle Earrings are proof. Whichever pair you choose, your outfits are bound to feel a whole lot more glamorous when statement earrings are involved.

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