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The best thing about being a strong, powerful, single woman in 2018? The dating scene is yours for the taking. Gone are the days of nervously shimmying into that tight black dress in an effort to impress your date; for modern women, date night dressing is all about confidence, showing off your personal style, and being comfortable. When your outfit checks all three of those boxes, you’re bound to look — and feel — like the sexiest woman in the room. Let’s break down how. Confidence It’s a fact: People are attracted to confidence. Rather that donning a short LBD and nervously tugging down the hem all night, or wearing a low-cut top that makes you self-conscious, opt for an outfit that makes you feel your most confident. Instead of “dressing to impress,” you’re leaning back and saying, “Impress me.” And that’s sexy as hell. Boost your confidence with our comfortable wrap-style Aspen Stripe Jumpsuit or the blousy Monica Floral Drop Waist Maxi Dress. Personal Style This, for me, is a big one. After a year of being single, I decided to re-enter the “serious dating” game with a new rule: No crazy-sexy outfits on the first date. My goal was to better express myself; to show the men that I was meeting (mostly from online dating apps) who I really was right off the bat. In my case, this meant ditching the tight tops and mini skirts in favor of oversize band tees, flowy jumpsuits, and leather pants. By dressing this way instead of in typical “first date” fashion, I was able to weed out the Mr. Wrongs and find the Mr. Right: My now-husband, who appreciates my quirky style and jumpsuit-filled closet. If you love a good jumpsuit too, why not try our Strapless Snake Print Jumpsuit for your next date night? The equally comfy and chic Paulina Smocked Drop Waist Dress is a great option, as well. Comfortable Comfort factors into the first two points, of course — if you’re confident and truly expressing your personal style, you’re bound to feel comfortable as well. Make sure that the outfit you choose for date night is appropriate for the location, though. If you’re about to indulge in Italian food, you may want to leave the bodycon styles at home and go for something adjustable, like our Leo Wrap Dress. A more physical activity, like mini golf or bowling, calls for a flirty and fun romper. Our Navy Palm Romper is just the thing. Both of these styles are made with our amazing ITY fabric. It’s both wrinkle free and figure-flattering, which is a major bonus. No matter what you decide to wear on your next date night, don’t forget the accessories! Little touches like statement earrings, a sparkly clutch, and even a great hat — like this French-inspired beret — are essential for tying your whole look together. Some of our favorite pairings include: The elegant Black Deep V Jumpsuit + our boho-luxe Teal Green Bali Earrings The Noir Palm Strapless Jumpsuit + Black Beaded Drop Earrings Our Shakira Wrap Dress with Bell Sleeves + a long pendant necklace, like the Beaded Teardrop Necklace The casual Debbie Jumpsuit + our eye-catching Marigold Earrings The best thing about the confidence + personal style + comfortable date night outfit formula? It works whether you’re single, dating, or married! What’s your go-to Veronica M outfit for date night? Let us know in the comments!

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