Clutch Bags: The Royals' Go-To Bag is Our Latest Obsession

Starlight Clutch
To state the obvious, the women of the royal family have great style. Kate Middleton can sell out a shift dress in seconds, Meghan Markle makes headlines every time she steps out of the palace, and, we must say, Queen Elizabeth wears a matching set like no one else. Even though their personal tastes are pretty different–Middleton favors modern classics, Markle has a rebellious streak, and The Queen is strictly prim-and-proper–there’s one accessory that all three women wear on the regular: a clutch bag. In fact, these royals rarely reach for anything but a clutch. A peek through their past outfits proves that Middleton, Markle, and QEII make the traditionally-worn-after-dark accessory work for any outfit, any occasion, and any time of day. There’s a reason for that, though. It’s royal protocol. Can’t Clutch This Royal family members have been instructed to hold onto a clutch at any time when “shaking hands might be awkward”–which, let’s be honest, is always. In order to avoid unwanted physical contact with the adoring public, the Duchesses and The Queen simply hold a clutch in front of their bodies with two hands as a way to say, “Can’t touch this.” "Or can place it in one hand to have the other free,” elaborates etiquette expert Myka Meier. Your New Go-To This. Is. Genius! Why? Because getting out of a socially awkward situation isn’t a problem exclusive to royalty. Clutching a clutch bag a la Middleton and Markle is the perfect move for those times when you need some personal space: dancing at the club for Girls’ Night Out, heading to your high school reunion, having a business dinner with your husband’s over-friendly boss. Or, of course, when you just want to look cute. Luckily, our recent obsession with clutch bags means there are so many different styles to choose from on our site, whether you’re into new classics like Middleton or more eclectic pieces like Markle. Are You A Middleton? If you love clean lines and ladylike details, you can consider yourself a Middleton. The Duchess of Cambridge regularly reaches for handheld bags that feature sharp edges, fold-over details, and metallic accents. We can picture her carrying our Studded Red Clutch to add a pop of color to a black-and-white outfit, taking our Multi-Color Summer Disco Clutch from day to night, or adding some edge to a classic midi dress with our Black Fold-over Clutch. Are You A Markle? Rule breaker? Trend-maker? Then you’re definitely a Markle. The Duchess of Sussex always puts her own spin on things and opts for clutches with crossbody straps, top handles, or eye-catching details. She’d likely layer our Tan Purse with Suede Tassel with a chic camel-colored coat for fall, contrast an LBD with this Black Hand-Woven Clutch, and raise eyebrows with our sexy Red Fold-over Clutch. The royals have spoken: clutch bags are a must for personal style (and personal space). While you probably won’t ever shake hands with a royal, you can get your hands on their favorite wardrobe staple with a clutch from Veronica M!

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